Clavo Rico Ltd will provide its shareholders with gold’s great potential value through ownership and the efficient operation of the Clavo Rico mine to fully recover its high-grade ore deposits.


Clavo Rico firmly believes that its strategic investment in expanding operations at the Clavo Rico mine will result in a highly successful gold project.

If you believe that now is the time to diversify some of your assets into gold, you have just found one of the best vehicles for doing so—Clavo Rico, Ltd. Featuring new state of the art equipment capable of processing 500 tons of gold bearing ore per day, plans for gold bullion reserves and what management projects will be a high stock market multiple, Clavo Rico should be included as a key part of every prudent investor’s portfolio.

Management Team

Management of any company is important, but this is especially true in the mining industry. Clavo Rico is particularly proud of its strong management team who have worldwide experience ranging from mining and legal to accounting and general business expertise.

Reed L. Benson is President, CEO and a Director of the company. He received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Utah and has extensive experience in contracts, securities law and taxation. He is a Certified Public Accountant and currently is general counsel to Legends Capital Group, a small venture capital specialist.

Gerardo Flores is the Company general manager in Honduras. He is a native Honduran who is also a United States citizen. He began as the governmental liaison when the Company started operations in Honduras in 2003. He was later promoted to the Administrative Manager and more recently was named as the General Manager. Under his direction, the Company has doubled production and increased its exploration activities of the concession.


While gold in and of itself can be a great investment and should form a part of every portfolio, Clavo Rico is confident that its shares will trade in a public market and hopes to provide its shareholders with a market multiple of its forward earnings. The Company’s goal is to establish itself as a gold mining company with a market capitalization in excess of $500 million.

To accomplish its goal to achieve such a multiple, Clavo Rico’s predecessor began production in January 2005 and Management has committed to continue to increase its production. During 2011, the company invested heavily in plant and equipment with the goal of increasing production to 1000 oz per month during 2012.

A second source of improving a company’s value is to show increased ore reserves. The Company has increased its geology and exploration department and is constantly investing in drilling programs to gather more information about the underlying geology and vein structures. Drill results clearly demonstrate high value intercepts in the sulfide zone. Further drilling is needed to quantify these values and calculate an ore reserve in the sulfide zone at the Clavo Rico mine.



Clavo Rico will deploy its assets with the objective of broadening its shareholder exposure to the great upside potential of the gold market in many ways.

First, it will operate its mining property to maximize the production of gold from known reserves at the Clavo Rico mine. Typically this will be from the more readily available oxide ore near the surface.

Second, it will continue to explore the deeper regions below its known mining reserves in an effort to increase its knowledge of the richer, sulfide ores.

Third, it will look for strategic partners to create a world class mine once it has proven concession to contain sufficient reserves.

Finally, the Company will, as much as possible, retain a portion of its production to participate in the ongoing gold bull market, including when possible small investments in other companies, projects and the gold futures market.